Watch The 3DS Intro video.

Optional Review the slide decks from last summer’s 3DS final pitches. This will give you an idea of the social ventures that developed during the program.


Thinking about what you have learned so far, and drawing upon your own inspiration and experience, consider (on a preliminary basis) what role you might play in launching a new social venture. Do you have an idea that you’d like to rally others to support or would you like to support an idea that someone else is developing? 

Businesses and social ventures need all kinds of people to be successful. Certainly the entrepreneurs get lots of the credit for helping to launch a new idea into a venture, but organizations need a diverse set of talents and experiences to be successful. No one person can do it all! So, who are you? And if you have an idea for a social venture, what is it, who are your target customers, and what is your social or environmental contribution? Note: You can always change your mind up until the the last couple of days of the program. You are not committing to a particular role or idea here. (For instance, last summer, we had less than one-quarter of participants put forth an idea for a social venture pre-program, but we ultimately had more than two-thirds pitch ideas in the second week of the program, so a lot can happen between now and then.)

Press the “Mark Complete” button and then in the next step you’ll provide responses to the questions above and complete the pre-program course.